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Welcome to Candle Country Co, where passion and quality converge in every flicker. I'm Courtney, the heart behind this small business dedicated to crafting all-natural soy wax candles. Infused with premium fragrances, our candles promise a sensory journey, free from parabens and phthalates. Embrace the soothing ambience of crackling wood wicks as you experience the essence of our commitment to healthier home goods. Thank you for joining me on this journey as I pour my passion into growing this business and delivering quality products that illuminate your moments with warmth and authenticity. 


Here is our artisanal world of soy wax candles, where craftsmanship meets premium quality. Immerse yourself in the essence of our hand-poured creations, meticulously curated with the finest fragrances and with the subtle crackle and warm glow of wood wicks. Illuminate your space with the essence of sophistication and luxury.  

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